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Mrs. McBride

434-846-1307 ext. 20105
Classes Taught: 
English and Reading 7; Advanced English 7


English 7

We will focus on three areas this year:

1. Four types of writing which will include composing, elaborating and editing

2. Grammar which will include identifying parts of speech and using it correctly

3. Root word study and spelling


This week in class-October 28- November 1, 2019

 Writing skill: Using Diaglogue

Grammar Skill and assignment: Sentence Fragments and Run-ons

Writing Assignment: 

       1st and 5th periods- Dialogue Writing an original spooky story with a partner using dialogue 6 times and containing no fragments or run-ons; Paragraph Editing quiz #3 on Friday, 11/1

        Advanced English (4th period)- Paragraph Editing quiz #3 on Friday, 10/28



Reading selection:  class novels and a Halloween play from Scope Magazine

Reading skill:  Text features

Reading assignment: 

     2nd and 7th periods: Text Features Hunt; Close-Reading Questions for the Scope Magazine play

     Advanced English: Where the Red Fern Grows  plot diagram due Wednesday; Dialogue Practice Sheet 


Root/Spelling: spec



     1st and 5th periods: None

     2nd and 7th periods:  None

     Advanced English- Where the Red Fern Grows  plot diagram







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