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School Counseling Office

Welcome to the Monelison School Counseling Website  
School Counseling Staff                                                       
Kim Goins - School Counseling Director
6th grade females
8th grade           
John Apperson- School Counselor
6th grade males
7th grade 
Jill Mays - School Counseling Office Secretary
Monelison School Counselors provide the following services:
  • Counsel individual students and lead small groups regarding their personal, social, and educational needs.
  • Consult with parents, teachers, administrators and other support personnel.
  • Lead classroom presentations on counseling topics.
  • Orient new students and families to Monelison Middle School.
  • Collaborate with area organizations to enhance community involvement with the school .
  • Manage student records.
  • Refer students and families with additional needs to outside agencies.
  • Participate on School-Based Intervention Teams.
  • Register and schedule all students.
  • Oversee 5th-6th grade and 8th-9th grade transition activities and events.
  • Coordinate career exploration activities.
  • Implement the county-wide bullying prevention program.
  • Coordinate school wide testing.
  • Manage student attendance.
The goals of the Monelison Middle School Counseling Program are:
  • to assist students in their adjustment to middle school and later in their preparation for high school;
  • to be accessible and sensitive to the needs of middle school students during this period of growth and change;
  • to support students' personal and social development;
  • to assist students in academic achievement and educational growth;
  • to help students establish and maintain positive interpersonal and peer relationships;
  • to help students develop effective problem-solving and decision making skills;
  • to encourage and guide students as they explore career interests;
  • to facilitate students' appreciation of the dignity and value of multiple cultures;
  • and to provide a safe, positive emotional climate that enhances student confidence and learning.
How do I see my counselor?
  • Counselor Request: The counselor may schedule a meeting with a student to address a specific concern.
  • Teacher/Staff Referral: A student may be sent or accompanied to the School Counseling Office when immediate attention is needed.
  • Parent Referral: A parent or guardian may request that the counselor meet with his or her child.
  • Self-Referral: Students wishing to see their counselor may request an appointment by coming to the Counseling Office and signing the sign in sheet.
1st Day of School-Wednesday, September 9th
FAMIS- Virginia's Health Insurance Program for Children:  Please contact Kim Goins or John Apperson with any questions.
All 14-15 year old workers in Virginia are required to obtain an Employment Certificate (work permit).  The Department of Labor and Industry announces the launch of an automated, employment certificate process in accordance with the General Assembly changes to §40.1-92 of the Code of Virginia.
Operation Christmas Child
Meeting Dates:
Meeting Dates:
YOVASO (Youth of Virginia Speak Out)
Students in all grades signing the "Save the Tailgate" campaign banner.
College Day




College Day Survey Results

How would you rate your overall experience of College Day?

90% of students said their overall experience ranged from Good to Excellent.


Do you think this college tour will help you in the college planning process?

92% of students said they thought College Day would help them with the college planning process.


Did you share your College Day experience with your parents/guardians?

88% of students said they shared their College Day experience with their parent(s).


Were there any schools you visited that you will plan to apply to? Which one(s)?

86% of students said they planned to apply to at least one of the colleges/universities they visited.


What was your favorite part of the College Day experience?

Campus Facilities- 29%

Admissions Information-4%

Dining Hall-48%

College Students-5%

Tour Guide-14%


Limo Ride Incentive for MMS Fundraiser

On Thursday, November 10, students who sold a minimum of 30 fundraiser items were given the opportunity to go on a limousine ride to CiCi's Pizza in Lynchburg.  The trip was sponsored by Baker's Choice, who organizes Monelison's Fall fundrasier each year.

TIN Men Letters to Veterans                  



Former Washington Redskins defensive end, Greg Scott, visited Monelison on December 3, 2015 to meet with our RUBIES and TIN Men groups.  He discussed the importance of character and making good choices.  Special thanks goes to Mrs. Jane Redding, Cafeteria Supervisor at MMS, and Mrs. Kim Klein, Child Nutrition Coordinator for Amherst County Public Schools, for coordinating with the NFL's Fuel Up to Play 60 campaign to make this event possible. 


Communication & Teamwork Activity

At our most recent meeting, TIN Men members were challenged to complete an activity focusing on communication and teamwork.  They were divided into teams of three.  Each team's goal was to make as many baskets as possible in one minute.  The catch was that the person shooting had to wear a blindfold, while the other two students were responsible for directing him towards the basket.  



TIN Men Tie Tying Workshop


Former Major League Baseball Player Josh Hall Visits MMS to Talk to TIN Men


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