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Important Information

Amherst County Public School Summer Offerings


At Home Learning Plan (AHLP)

Breakfast and Lunch is available for pick-up at Monelison Middle School from 10:00 - 12:00.  Breakfast and lunch will also be available for pick-up from 10:00 - 12:00 at Madison Heights Baptist Church, Scott Zion Church, Amherst Church of God, Central Elementary, Elon Elementary, and Tanglewood Trailer Park.

Chromebook Help

Monelison Middle School

257 Trojan Road

Madison Heights, VA 24572

Phone 434.846.1307

Fax 434.846.5318

Information about new alternative suspension center


New Cell Phone Policy on the Bus

1. Students must use earphones/ ear buds when listening to music, videos, etc. while on the bus.

2. Earphones/ear buds are not to be worn when entering or exiting the bus or walking to and from the bus.

3. Students are not allowed to make phone calls, record images, or sound, or take pictures.

4. Students are not allowed to view inappropriate materials; all content being accessed must be within the guidelines of the ACPS acceptable use policy.

5. Phones are still expected to be off and out of sight at all time when in the building.  Car riders may turn their phones on after leaving the building.  Bus riders are not to take their phones out or turn them on until on the bus.


Car Rider Line: The students are allowed to get out anywhere along the sidewalk in front of the building.  If they wait until they are in front of the doors it slows the process down tremendously.  On days that it is raining or has rained recently the line tends to move much slower.  With that in mind it would behoove car riders to leave a few minutes earlier to avoid being tardy.

Important Dates:
03/18 - Faculty Meeting 3-4 pm
03/19 - End of Third 9 week grading period
03/20 - Teacher Workday - No School for Students
03/25-03/28 - 8th Grade Writing SOL
03/26 - Report Cards Distributed
03/27 - CVGS Field Trip
04/01 - Leadership Meeting 3-4 pm
04/13 - 04/17 - SPRING BREAK!!



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