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Parent Teacher Conferences

MMS Parent-Teacher Conferences: 

Please click on the link to the teacher(s) you would like to conference with. Indicate the date and the two best times that you would be available as well as your preferred method of contact. Oct 19-30



Lynda Dolan (7/8th grade) 

Mike Jacobs (8th grade) 

Kevin Brouillette (7th grade) 

April Hale (7th grade) 

Melissa Ragland (6th grade) 

Lynette Smith (6th grade) 



James Dolan (Math 7, Honors Algebra) 

Cameron Tweedy (Pre-Alg 8)

Paulina Wright (Pre-Alg 7, Math 7)

Linda Muncher (Math 6)



Leah Purvis (Earth Science 8)

Beth Camden (Physical Science 7)

Katherine Cargill (Physical Science)

Brittany Jacobs (Life Science 6)

Kristy Tyree (Life Science 6) 



Ross Hawkins (World History 8, US History 6)

Jeff Tomlin (World HIstory 8)

Annlei Burke (Civics & Economics 7)

Nicole Morris (Us History 6)



Chip Peterson (Career Investigations 7, Novel Studies) 

Katherine Cargill (Career Investigations 7) 

Jeff Tomlin (Journalism) 

Kristy Tyree (Novel Studies)

Sharon Childress (Art 6-8, Computer Apps 8)

Brittany Jacobs (Intro to Animal Science, Equine Science) 

Ross Hawkins (World Cultures) 

Nicole Morris (World Cultures) 

Mark May (Agriculture) 

Marvin Dodgion (Health/PE)

Jennifer Fielder (Health/PE)

Mike Roberts (Health/PE) 

John Campbell (Health/PE)

Eunice Nogueras (Music) 

Aaron Tomlin (Band) 


Special Education: 

Shannon Wentz 

Elizabeth Rose

Tanya Tisoskey 

Lexi Adler 

Crystal Mays

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