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7th grade English and reading

Welcome to 7th grade!

Parents, if you have not already done so, please come into the guidance office and sign up for the Powerschool Parental Portal. Here you can check your students grades on a daily basis and also see what they have not completed.




Students have a common assessment on Tuesday, November 14th that covers editing such as capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar as well.

Students are writing DAR essays on World War I. Students have done extensive research using both written resources and online resources. Students are using google slides to take notes for their research and to help them keep track of the resources they have used. 

Rough drafts were due on November 6. Check with your son or daughter to make sure they have this completed. They have access to all their work online through Google classroom, so they can work on it at home too!

Since we have been going to the computer lab to conduct research on our DAR essay, 2nd period has been completing some of their warm-ups at home as homework. Please make sure your student is doing this. Thank you.

Every day students have a warm-up to do. The warm-ups involve correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

We have completed our units on subject/predicate, nouns, verbs, prepositional phrases, and pronouns, but students are still responsible for remembering this information and for keeping all of their notes as well as returned, graded papers.

The Semester I test will be on Monday, December 11



Students have a common assessment on Monday, November 13th covering information on the SOL.

The final copy of the book report is due on Monday, November 20th. Students who have not finished their book are to read at home 20 minutes every night. Those who have finished reading their books are to complete their rough draft at home. We go to the computer lab each week (11/8) and those students who have completed their rough drafts can use that time to type their book reports. They are to submit their book report to the link on Google classroom.

This 9 weeks, students are reading a book and writing a book report. The requirements are in google classroom, as well as a place for students to submit their book report.

Every day in reading, we have independent silent reading for 10-15 minutes. Students will need to have a book in class everyday for this. We will begin going to the library next Tuesday and then every other Tuesday after that. Students will be responsible for their silent reading a number of different ways. They will record information about their book each day as they read and they will have different options available to them to report about what they have read such as writing summaries.

We continue to learn about plot structure including; exposition, initiating event, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution and conflict.

The Semester I test will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 12th and 13th.


I am expecting great things from our students this year as always. We will have a wonderful and productive year. 

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