MMS SOL Calendar


  29th-30th: Grade 8 Writing SOL


(no SOL testing)



9th:  Grade 7 Reading SOL

10th: Grade 6, 8 Reading SOL

11th: Grade 7 Reading Retake/Makeup Testing

12th: Grade 6, 8 Reading Retake/Makeup Testing

15th: Grade 7 Math SOL

16th: Grade 6, 8 Math SOL

17th: Grade 7 Math Retake/Makeup Testing

18th: Grade 6, 8 Retake/Makeup Testing

19th: Algebra 1, Algebra 2 SOL Testing

22nd: Algebra 1, Algebra 2 Retake/Makeup Testing

23rd: Civics and World History 1 SOL

24th: Civics and World History 1 Retake/Makeup Testing

25th: Physical and Earth Science SOL

31st: Physical and Earth Science Retake/Makeup Testing

June 1st: Last possible day of makeup testing