Supply List 2023-2024

Monelison Middle School  

School Supply List  


6th Grade

Chromebook & Charger

Headphones (wired)

(1) 1-inch Binder with dividers

(1) 5-Subject Notebook (8 ½ x 11)

(5) Plastic Pocket Folders (No Prongs)

(2) Packs of Notebook Paper

(1) Pack Multi-colored Highlighters

Colored Pencils/Markers

Dry Erase Markers


Glue Sticks

Pencil Pouch

2 Boxes of Tissues (advisory)

Clorox Wipes (Advisory)


7th Grade

Chromebook & Charger

Headphones (wired)

1 Large Binder w/ Dividers 

1 5-subject tabbed Spiral Notebook

1 Spiral Notebook 



Notebook Paper


Dry Erase Markers

Markers/Colored Pencils

Box of Tissues (advisory)

Clorox Wipes (advisory)


8th Grade

Chromebook & Charger

Headphones (wired)

(1) 1.5-2 inch binder 

(1) 1 inch binder

(1) pack dividers

(2) pocket folders

(1) one subject spiral notebook

(2) packs 3x5 index cards 

(2) packs Notebook paper


Highlighters (multiple colors)

Dry erase markers 

(1) 3 pack glue sticks

1 box tissues (advisory)

Clorox wipes (advisory)

Hand sanitizer (advisory)